Why Buy a Gun Safe?

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Why Buy a Gun Safe?

If you own a gun, you’ve likely considered whether you need to buy a gun safe. It’s convenient to have your firearm highly accessible, especially if you use it for home protection, but safety is the main concern.

Safely storing firearms is a responsibility every gun owner should take on, but there are also reasons beyond safety that make buying a gun safe a wise choice. To help you see why securing your firearms in a gun safe is the right move, here are the top ten reasons you need to consider.

1. Gun Storage Laws

One of the biggest reasons to have a gun safe is to meet any legal requirements set by your state. There are no federal laws that dictate storage requirements, but 27 states and the District of Columbia have enacted child access prevention laws specifically, while others require some form of locking device.In cases where these laws exist, it makes a gun safe practically a necessity.

For example, 14 states and the District of Columbia have laws that impose criminal liability on the gun owner if a child accesses a gun. The specifics of the laws vary including differences regarding if the gun has to be loaded for negligence to be an issue or if the minor must use the firearm for charges to be levied. However, if you want to avoid these risks in their entirety, responsibly using a gun safe is an ideal solution.

2. Family Safety

While you may be a highly responsible gun owner, experienced in the proper handling of firearms, the rest of your family may not be. If you have children in your home or a spouse who isn’t experienced with guns, there is a chance they could be injured should they get their hands on a gun simply out of inexperience. And this makes a gun safe a wise idea even in states that don’t require them.

Additionally, accidents happen with even the most experienced individuals.Having the gun in an appropriate safe limits the chance of an accident occurring. Consider it this way; when you drive a car, you put on a seatbelt. You don’t buckle up because you are a bad driver, or even because others aren’t skilled at operating an automobile, you do it because there is always a chance of an accident. So, think of your gun safe like a seatbelt; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

3. Protection Against Theft

There are likely numerous occasions where your gun is at home, and you are out-and-about. While the chance of a break-in might be statistically low, it could always happen (hence why you may have a gun in the first place). And, if your gun isn’t properly secured, it may be stolen in the process.

Those who participate in certain criminal activities are always interested in finding firearms that can’t be traced back to them. Leaving your gun out of a safe makes it an ideal score for thieves such as those and, if it is well-known that you own a gun, could make you a target in the first place.

4. Protection Against Intruders

Your decision to purchase a gun may have been related to the desire for a method of home protection. But, if you leave the gun unsecured and out in your home, an intruder could actually use your gun against you. For example, if you keep your gun in a drawer in a room other than your bedroom, it is possible intruders will search those rooms first. Then, now that they have a gun in their hands, they may decide to act more aggressively than they would have otherwise, using your gun to threaten or harm you or your family.

Yes, the scenario isn’t incredibly likely, but the risk does exist. And, it could be immediately resolved with a gun safe.

5. Damage from Natural Disasters

You never know when a disaster may strike.Fires, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes are part of life and are often unpredictable.If the worst were to happen, having your firearms in a proper safe can actually save them from harm.

Some gun safes are water resistant and fire resistant, while most provide some protection from crushing and other structural damage. Additionally, you get the added benefit of limiting the chance of the guns being stolen during or immediately after the disaster, especially in cases when you can’t quickly secure your belongings behind lock and key. While a person may easily grab a gun that inadvertently ended up out in the open, it is much harder to discretely make off with a gun safe even in the confusion after a disaster.

6. Insurance Coverage Limits

In most cases, firearms aren’t covered by default insurance policies.Most gun owners have to add riders to get any coverage at all, and the coverage typically comes with strict limits both on the dollar value covered as well as the type of incident that qualifies for a claim. For example, your coverage may be applicable in the case of fire, but not in the case of theft. That means, if you don’t have the right policy in place, you won’t get any help from them if your guns need replacing.

Having a gun safe won’t change what your insurance company will or won’t cover, but it can limit the chance of theft or damage in the first place, making your coverage limits irrelevant. Additionally, it may help you get a discount on your policy, which is certainly something worth exploring.

7. Insurance Coverage Requirements

And, speaking of insurance companies, some require you store the firearms in an approved gun safe for your coverage to apply, especially if your collection exceeds a certain total value. Often, your insurer will go over the specifics regarding what they require and any standards that must be met, but it is your responsibility to purchase the safe and properly store then guns as required by your policy.

8. Protect Other Belongings

Gun safes come in a range of sizes, and some are quite large. There is nothing that says the only things you can store in a gun safe are firearms. So, you can take advantage of extra space and use it to protect important documents and other valuables. In cases where you invest in fire resistant or water resistant versions, you can the added protection that safe can provide, helping to limit losses during a disaster. Plus, you make it harder for thieves to access these items too.

9. Fast Access

One of the biggest complaints regarding the idea of a gun safe is the time it takes to access your firearms in an emergency. However, many manufacturers understand this need and have created safes that can be quickly opened by their owner. If you take the time to look for safes offering fast access options, you can choose a safe that can be opened in mere seconds, keeping your home protection goals intact.

10. Centralized Storage

Gun safes that hold multiple firearms are highly available. By choosing a large safe, you can store all of your guns in one location, and behind one lock. Not only does this make tracking and organization easier, but it also means you have quick access to all of your guns at one time. Then, should an emergency occur, you don’t have to fight with several safes or locks to get to more than one gun. Simply unlock your safe, and you’re ready to go.

Getting a Gun Safe is Easy

Once you decide a gun safe is right for you, you may wonder where you can find one. Luckily, gun safes are available from a range of retailers, including retail giant Amazon.com. You can search for a safe that meets your space and storage needs while also considering other features like fire or water resistance. Then, simply order your ideal gun safe and have it delivered to your door.

After it arrives, simply follow any installation instructions, program the lock (if applicable), and get your guns safely stored. Then, you can rest easy knowing you are meeting all legal or insurance requirements, ensuring your guns are secure but accessible, and keeping you and your family safe.

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