Stack-On 24 Gun Safe Review

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Stack-On 24 Gun Safe

Stack-On 24 Gun Safe Review

If you need an option for storing a large number of firearms, including rifles, the Stack-On A-24 has a capacity of up to 24 guns. For organization, it includes three half shelves and one full shelf (all removable), making it easy to store a combination of rifles or shotguns, handguns, and other items.

The interior features carpeted surfaces, including the provided barrel rests, to help prevent damage to any items stored in the safe. Additional door storage is also included, featuring sewn-in pockets and handgun holders as well as Molle strips for other storage options.

However, the rack height for rifle and shotgun storage is not adjustable. This means that rifles featuring accessories like scopes or bipods might not fit easily, and certain shotguns may be too short to avoid leaning them against the side.

The total weight of the safe is 361 pounds and the exterior dimensions are approximately 20 x 24 x 55 inches. The interior volume equals 9.25 cubic feet, providing a substantial amount of storage.

The Stack-On A-24 also includes multiple points for bolting the safe in place and includes all necessary fastening hardware to complete the installation. The size is small enough to fit in many closets, allowing for a more discreet installation, though the matte black finish and chrome handles also make the safe attractive should it be left in the open.

Featuring an electronic lock, users can program a personalized three to eight digit code to control entry into the safe. The lock is backlit, making it easy to enter the code even in less than ideal lighting conditions. There is also a backup key, ensuring the contents can be accessed even if the batteries are dead.

It is important to note that some users have reported issues with the keypad. Specifically, that some of the numbers stop working after a period of time, requiring a request to the company for a warranty repair or replacement.

However, the backup key does provide an alternative means of entry until repair or replacement arrangements can be made.

For added security, a drill resistant hardened steel plate is installed behind the lock, making it harder for thieves to gain access to any items stored inside. The Stack-On A-24 also features two-way locking using a total of three 1.5” live-action locking bolts and an additional two 1” dead bolts. The construction does not feature bolt holes.

In independent tests, the safe was shown to be fire resistant for approximately 30 minutes in fires reaching temperatures up to 1400 degrees F.

The reinforced steel door features fire retardant materials in its construction, and the heat reactive door stripping expands to seal the door and protect the contents in case of fire.

The safe is also a California-approved firearm safety device, confirming it meets all requirements as outlined in penal code section 23655 and additional applicable regulations.

Overall, for those with a large firearms collection including a mix of rifles, shotguns, and handguns, the Stack-On safe A-24 Armorguard with electronic lock provides a range of storage options in a single safe. But of course if you need something bigger, here’s an article on the which larger safes are best.

The safe can be securely bolted into place for added security, and limited fire protection is included in the design. It also meets the standards set by the State of California as a firearm safety device, helping gun owners confirm they are in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations.


  • Removable, adjustable shelving provides numerous storage configurations
  • Can be bolted for a more secure installation
  • Substantial amount of storage for rifles/shotguns alone or a combination of firearms


  • Rack heights cannot be fully adjusted
  • Keypad issues have been reported

The Bottom Line

Each of the gun safes reviewed above are strong contenders in the category. Depending on your precise needs, such as the amount of storage required and the kinds of firearms you want to store, one of the options above is likely to meet your individual requirements.

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