Gun Safe Designs

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gun safe design

Gun Safe Designs

Gun owners are liable for the safety of their firearms. In many countries, if a gun is lost, the owner could be prosecuted for negligence that is, not owning a strong safe.

However, landing a good safe is not easy, let alone designing it. This is because, most gun safe designs come with different marketing claims coming from dozens of safe makers.

Safes and Walk-In Vaults Designs

Monster Triple Door Safe

This is absolutely the most stunning looking gun safe design consisting of three doors which are polished with a high champagne gloss finish. There are three different safes each with their own separate locks.

Each door has a 4 way bolt locking system and also a digital lock system. Inside it is the America Made LED lighting system, which light up once the doors are open.

Its racks are fully adjustable hence accommodating big and small rifles and bullets.

It is large enough to accommodate other devices and gadgets such as dehumidifiers and computer backups, ensuring that they are securely stored in the house.

Amendment Walk-In Gun Safe

This safe is famous for being adopted as part of the first 10 amendments signed by the US states in December 1791, that gave the citizens the right to keep firearms in their homes.

This storage point gives your firearms and other hundreds of valuables enough room for safekeeping. In addition, it offers your firearms the much needed security in the long run.

Size Gun Safe

This is a pry proof fit safe that offers high tolerance in terms of breakage from malicious attacks, fire, natural disasters and burglary thanks to its strong steel frame and body.

It has a dual seal system on its doors, giving enough security to sized collections, valuables and firearms. These are often labeled as fireproof gun safes and can withstand temperatures of 500 degrees.

Diamond Corner Safe

This safe design fits conveniently into the corner of any room. Its V shaped, allowing it to easily flush into 90 degrees angle walls. It is built strong 10 gauge steel that offers enough resistance to fire and burglary.

On the other hand, due to its unique design, it may require safe owner to reorganize some of its shelves in order to get enough space for their armory.

Floor Safe

This safe plan is pretty awesome considering that it is placed in your floor and therefore does not require much interior space to place it in your home. It is set and poured in place with the foundation of a home or business premises and a door is flushly mounted on the floor.

Most gun safe manufacturers offer various models of these types of gun safes.

However, the doors can be covered using carpets in order to provide the perfect concealment, securing the safe from natural disaster, theft and fire.

In order to protect it from humidity, it has marine grade polyurethane paint that holds up alkaline and saltwater from making the steel rust. Its doors are also sealed using silicon rubber gaskets to ensure no air or water penetrates the vault.

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