Best Gun Safe Manufacturers

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Gun Safe Manufacturer

Best Gun Safe Manufacturers

If you own handguns, rifles, or shotguns, having a reliable gun safe is often a necessity.

It provides protection against theft and ensures that inexperienced family members can’t access your firearms, even accidentally.

In some cases, having a gun safe isn’t just a matter of safety, it’s the law. Many states and municipalities have rules and regulations regarding the storage of guns, especially when there are children in the household.

And, if you need to insure your collection, your homeowner’s insurance provider may also require a suitable safe before they will provide coverage.

When you are choosing a gun safe, you want to purchase a high-quality model that offers some of the best security options available. At a glance, it may seem that all producers are the same, though nothing could be further from the truth.

Depending on the materials used, the quality of the locking mechanisms, and the designs available, certain gun safe manufacturers clearly rise above the rest.

To help you find the right gun safe, here is a list of some of the best gun safe manufacturers operating in the space today. Take a look below and see what they have to offer.Finding the ideal gun safe is easier than you might have imagined.

1. GunVault

Considered a leader in the gun safe industry, GunVault is one of the most innovative companies operating in the field. With more than 25 years under their belt, this manufacturer has developed some of the most secure solutions available, often seen as setting the standard that other producers try to reach.

The patented design of their No-Eyes keypads and Bio pads are ideal for home defense, providing quick access to the safe’s contents even in complete darkness. Heavy gauge steel exteriors provide strength while foam-lined interiors protect your firearms from damage while in storage. This means the body and door of the safe are difficult to penetrate, making it hard for thieves to gain access through these areas.

Each GunVault safe offers a durable exterior finish that is as attractive as it is functional. Leaning towards matte blacks and grays, these safes won’t attract attention from visitors, service providers, or anyone else who enters your home.

Precision fittings provide superior resistance against pry attacks, and compact designs allow these safes to be securely installed in a range of locations throughout the home. The door fits snugly against the sides, preventing standard prying implements like crowbars from getting enough contact to provide leverage. And, when installed in a tight space, pry attacks become nearly impossible.

High-strength locks ensure a secure, reliable closure. This means you can rest easy knowing the safe is properly locked whenever the door is closed, and the locks are engaged. Models with biometric fingerprint scanners can store information for multiple users, ensuring every household member that may need access can have their information stored. And, since the proper fingerprints are required, unauthorized access is substantially more challenging than with some other lock formats.

For times when the biometric fingerprint scanners are inoperable, such as when the battery dies, backup override keys are provided with every model, ensuring the owner can access the contents whenever the need arises.

The company is dedicated to the protection of handguns and pistols, offering a range of gun safes in a variety of smaller sizes, and provides simplified but solid protection for AR and long gun owners. The revolutionary designs ensure fast access while offering a level of discretion, ensuring gun owners can have high-quality protection without having to leave safes out in the open.

GunVault designs have been recognized by industry groups for their superior craftsmanship. For example, the MicroVault Bio was named “Safety Product of the Year” by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence in 2010.

The vast majority of GunVault safes, including those in the MiniVault, MultiVault, MicroVault, SpeedVault, and TacVault lines are all California DOJ approved, meeting the security standards set forth by local California laws and regulations in regards to proper firearm security.

GunVault specializes in smaller safes, designed to secure small collections in a single safe. However, the compact size and reasonable prices can make these solutions ideal for gun owners interested in securing firearms in multiple rooms within their home, making it easier to keep a gun in spaces like the master bedroom, home office, den, or a variety of closets. Depending on the model selected, GunVault gun safes can provide protection for anywhere from one to approximately four handguns, depending on the size of the weapon.

We rank GunVault as the best gun safe manufacturer due to their expert crafting, industry-leading technology, and reasonable price. Overall, it’s hard to beat a GunVault safe.

Gunvault Speedvault SVB500

2. Mesa Safe

Founded by a professional locksmith with over 40 years of experience in the field, Mesa Safe has been a recognized leader in the gun safe industry since 1981. Every safe produced by the company features high-grade steel and superior locking systems, making them a strong choice for any discerning gun owner.

Every Mesa Safe features an all-steel body, making them notably harder to penetrate than those made by companies with lower standards. The designs were all created by the founder, an individual who has direct experience with breaking into safes (legally) based on his career as a locksmith. This prior experience positions the company well, giving them an advantage many other manufacturers simply don’t have.

Each Mesa Safe is designed to provide commercial level protection, but are available at a cost similar to those produced with the consumer market in mind. These safes feature 12 gauge steel bodies, creating a sturdy safe thanks to its high-quality design. Every safe also comes with pre-drilled anchor holes, ensuring a secure installation to floors and counters, making it more challenging for the safe itself to be stolen.

Mesa produces two gun safe lines: the MBF Series and MGL Series. Each offers a high level of burglary protection and, unlike some gun safes, also provide fire protection. These gun safes provide up to 1 hour of protection from fires reaching as high as 1750 degrees F. The safes are also drop tested, ensuring the safe maintains its structural integrity even after a two-story fall.

As you would expect from a gun safe made by a former locksmith, the locking mechanisms are top of the line. Each is drill and punch resistant, ensuring a higher level of security against attempted break-ins. The safe also features 1 ½ inch living locking bolts, making them stronger than those included by many other gun safe manufacturers.

Electronic locks also provide quick access to the safe’s contents, making a Mesa Safe gun safe a smart choice for home defense. Each lock displays a low battery warning and offers a wrong code penalty. The lock is activated by the drill-resistant hard plate and also features a punch-activated relocking systembr should an attempted brute force attack occur. Two user codes can be programmed, making it easier for multiple authorized users by allowing them to select a personalized PIN, and a concealed emergency key system is provided should the electronic lock fail due to a dead battery or damage due to incidences like fire.

For added convenience, the Mesa gun safes feature pocket door organizers. This allows small items to be stored and sorted, providing easy access to items ranging from ammo, handguns, knives, and a variety of small valuables. Additional shaped gun racking makes storing long guns like shotguns and rifles easier as well.

The interior of a Mesa Safe is fully upholstered, ensuring your items are safely stored without any unnecessary risk of surface damage. This includes the surfaces of the adjustable interior shelves, allowing you to rest your firearms safely regardless of the configuration.

Depending on the model selected, Mesa Safe gun safes can have a capacity of up to 42 rifles, making it a strong choice for firearms aficionados with large collections.

While Mesa safes are also extremely reputable, we consider them second to GunVault due to the slightly lower metal thickness and the fact that some models come with doors that allow for a bit more play than some buyers would prefer.

Mesa Safe Company MBF5922E 7.9 Cubic Foot 14 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock

3. Brown Safe

Considered a luxury safe manufacturer, Brown Safe’s Tactical Series are custom designed gun safe solutions made to the purchaser’s specifications. Founded in 1980, the company has focused on becoming a premier safe and vault, creating products designed for use by anyone from homeowners to government agencies to jewelers. Each safe is hand built by specialty craftsmen who each have more than 20 years of experience in safe production, ensuring the highest quality product.

Brown Safe takes a less traditional approach to sales, selling only to the customer directly and not through third parties or standard retailers. This means clients aren’t required to pay the overhead traditionally tacked on by retailers or resellers. However, since each safe is custom created, the cost is typically higher than many standard gun owners would pay on traditional product offerings.

Additionally, the vast majority of their sales are thanks to direct referrals and word of mouth advertising, as these safes aren’t going to be seen on store shelves in brick and mortar stores or through online retailers. Even when foreign manufacturers flooded the gun safe market, Brown Safe remained dedicated to their mission of creating high-quality security solutions.

The Tactical Series weapons safes can be configured to meet the needs of the gun owner, allowing for an ideal storage setup regardless of the number or type of firearms being stored. The included quick-access system is compatible with the popular MOLLE and PALS storage solutions, allowing for easy organization of your handguns, rifles, shotguns, and various accessories.

Safes manufactured by Brown Safe are designed for quick access, featuring full-length pull bars for easy gripping and multiple entry system options. Gun owners can choose from a reliable electronic keypad, allowing entry to be gained by simply entering the chosen PIN code or a biometric fingerprint scanner for speedy entry with a simple touch.

Gear mounting with the rapid rail systems and quick-release mounts also ensure fast access to your firearms, making these safes ideal for home defense. You can locate your preferred gear on the interior door of the safe, supporting a quick deployment whenever the need arises. Then, pull the quick release lever to open the mount, and you are ready to handle whatever may come.

The most compact tactical safe model offered by Brown Safe has maximum exterior dimensions of 65.5 x 24 x 26 inches and an interior capacity designed to hold up to 10 guns. Base interior configurations include full or half gun racks and a mixture of fixed and adjustable shelves, allowing the purchaser to choose a set up that best meets their needs. Additional features like fire protection, glass plate relocking devices, and silent alarms can also be added.

Brown Safe provides two finish options: disruptive gray and blackout. Both feature a rugged, low sheen finish, making the safe as attractive as it is functional. Since each safe is custom designed, there is no true maximum capacity, as each piece is designed to integrate with another to create a larger system. However, the largest single unit within the tactical series is designed with an interior capacity that allows the storage of up to 44 guns, making is a strong option for those with larger, high-value collections that need to be secured.

We ranked Brown Safe third because, while the craftsmanship is there, the price is well beyond what most individuals can afford for their homes.

The Bottom Line

A high-quality gun safe includes some of the best materials, locking mechanisms, and structural designs available on the market today. Understanding where the quality lies can help you determine which gun safe manufacturers ultimately provide the level of protection you need based on the size of your gun collection and desired features.

While there is a wide range of gun safe manufacturers operating in the industry today, those listed above offer some of the strongest and most advanced options available today.

If you are looking for a high-quality gun safe, we recommend starting your research with GunVault, the company we consider the best of the three manufacturers above due to their superior craftsmanship and affordable price.

So, if you’re in the market for a gun safe, give GunVault a look. You’ll likely find exactly what you need.

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