Do’s and Don’ts of Gun Cleaning


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A firearm has to be cleaned at one point or the other. In addition, this exercise does not need to be complicated. Those who are unfamiliar with the process are particularly uneasy when it comes to cleaning. The cleaning process can be tedious especially when you are not sure about how to do it.

Generally, to clean a gun to the point that the barrel is spotless can take time, and this is more tasking when you have more firearms. The frequency of use equally establishes the occurrence of the cleaning.

Although each gun requires a different cleaning style, there are typical dos and don’ts that apply to any firearm. They are as follows:


Start with the safety procedure where you unload the firearm to ensure it is safe for cleaning

While cleaning the bore, point the gun in the direction that the bullet will travel. This will help push out the dirt from the muzzle

Make use of safety glasses and gloves during the cleaning especially because of the solvent

Use a toothbrush or Q-tip to clean narrow spaces and for applying oil. The Q-tip makes it easy to apply oil and helps prevent putting too much

Look out for wear and tear during the cleaning process

Clean the gun before applying oil, and it is advisable to clean after every expedition to keep off rust

Make use of the instruction manual to know where to apply oil and how to clean the gun

Oil areas where metal rubs on other metal

Some of the best gun oils to use include Kleen Bore F3, Remington’s Rem Oil and Wilson Ultima-Lube Grease

Assume the gun is loaded while cleaning

Place the finger away from the trigger and safety

Find pleasure in the cleaning be it for a priceless weapon or some ordinary gun

When scrubbing the gun, use a dry brush to clean all the areas, including the magazine


Avoid excessive cleaning through rubbing since this can wear the firearm. In particular avoid cleaning with scrapers and hard brushes

Do not use too much oil since this makes the gun stain quickly. In addition, avoid excess lube which becomes dense during cold weather and can clog parts of the gun. A light layer of oil is enough

Do not apply oil to the firing pin and keep it dry. This is to avoid it getting gummed-up. You may however use grease on this area or some lube

Do not clean the gun while drunk or under the influence of drugs

Do not worry too much about the number of oils, lubes and solvents in the market. Most of them work; although some are better. You can use engine oil or any other type of oil but avoid substances such as WD40 which gum-up when mixed with powder residue

Do not use too much cleaning time on the aluminium receiver since this can just be wiped with a dry rag. The synthetic stocks also need this brief rubbing

Do not point the gun at place you may not want to shoot

Do not keep ammunition near the cleaning area in order to keep yourself and the gun safe. You may end-up contaminating the ammunition.

After cleaning your guns, place them in a gun safe. Check our website for Best Gun Safe Reviews.

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