Biometric Gun Safes: When Security Depends on You


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If you own a gun, you probably know that safety is the most important thing having to do with keeping that weapon. You probably already take considerable measures to protect the safety of everyone who might come near your weapon, whether intentionally or accidentally. Fortunately, there are several excellent ways to keep your gun safe. This includes, among other things, hiding it where it won’t be found or locking it away under lock and key. But there is probably no better way to protect a weapon than with a safe that is secured by a biometric device.

What is Biometrics?

Biometrics is a security method that employs the use of individual characteristics as the “key” to a system that keep valuables or other items safe. These biometric methods might include such features as fingerprints, iris scans, voice prints, and palm veins in order to identify a person. And after these characteristics are correctly identified, access to the item under security to allowed.

More traditional methods of access might include such methods as keys and numerical or password identification, but these can be misused since anyone who gains access to them can use them. On the other hand, biometric identification methods are as individual as those who use them. For example, anyone who has a key to a particular lock can gain access to a gun that has such a lock. If a biometric gun safe is used, the lock that secures the mechanism can only be opened by the person whose fingerprint or other identifying characteristic has been approved prior to use.

What Makes a Biometric Gun Safe So Safe?

Just as a safe that guards other valuables is secured because a person who is unauthorized for access and does not have a key or combination, so a biometric gun safe is secure because other than the person whose fingerprints have been authorized for access, no one can open the safe.

Biometric gun safes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. These include those that have enough room for only a single firearm to those who will hold considerably more. For example, some come with shelves inside that can accommodate several firearms and other items that need to have their access protected.

When a new biometric gun safe owner sets the “combination,” he often enters an access code on the door of the safe, which allows him to place the four fingers of his hand in troughs on the surface. When he does this, the mechanism records the individual properties of that person’s fingerprints, which in essence, becomes the combination for that lock.

Anytime a gun owner wants access to his weapon, the biometric lock is activated by that owner who places his fingers on the finger troughs for a several seconds and allows access to the gun or other valuables. It is also worth noting that some brands of biometric gun safes allow for their use by several users at a time to be able to gain access to the lock concurrently.

The Future of Biometric Gun Safes

As far as biometrics has come in only the past few years, there is little doubt that the technology will continue to advance and allow other methods of securing valuables.

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