Best Gun Cabinets and Safes Under $500 (for 8-12 Guns)

Are you shopping for your gun safe on a tighter budget? No worries! There are a wide range of options that are affordable to just about anyone. However, there are lots of subpar safes under the $500 mark, so it’s especially important to get the right one. You want to make sure you’re not wasting any of your hard-earned dough.

We put just as much effort into finding the best safes under $500 as we did in researching our other recommendations. These 3 models are rugged and reliable choices for shooters on a budget. We’ve found a few options for you to choose from, depending on how much room you need. Check them out!

1. Stack-On GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet, Black

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The Stack-On 8-Gun safe is the most affordable model we’ve recommended. It’s better than the competition in the budget range for a number of reasons.

First, it’s built like a real safe, not like a lock box. This one uses fully-welded piano hinges which are impossible to pry open. It locks in 3 different places, to make sure all the major points of the door are secure. There’s a plate to keep people from trying to pry the lock, and a double-bitted lock keeps intruders from picking the keyhole.

It’s also designed to be bolted easily to your floor. It has a flush bottom, and comes with all the hardware you’ll need to do the job. That’s a simple way to double the security of your safe, so robbers can’t steal the thing with your guns inside.

Even though it’s the smallest of our recommendations, there’s plenty of room for an average collection of rifles. There’s room for 5 big guns up to 54″ tall. All the gun mounts are padded to keep your firearms scuff-free. There’s also a top shelf for keeping ammo and other supplies secure.

On the downside, it’s a pretty light cabinet, at just 60 pounds. You’ll definitely want to bolt this sucker to the ground, or you might have a thief make off with the whole thing. It’s also only covered by a 1-year warranty.

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2.Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet

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Priced fairly low at just over the $250 mark, our #2 spot goes to the Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet. It’s a bit bigger than the 8-Gun, and is more heavily built. You get even more room for all your guns and valuables, and the best part is that there’s a divider to keep them separate!

We like that this one has two separate cabinets, so you can have different keys for your rifles and your valuables. That means you can give different people access to each. It’s also a good way to avoid exposing your valuables and personal documents to risk every time you get out a gun to go hunting.

The valuables cabinet has 4 padded shelves. The gun side has sockets for up to 10 rifles, with a padded floor to protect wood butts from scratches and scuffs. We like the molded sockets, which keep guns secure and stuck in place while you move other things around in the safe.

Just like the 8-Gun model, this one has a 3-point locking system with an extra-secure plate to prevent pries. There’s the same fully-welded piano hinge to keep people from exploiting the joints as well.

While this one provides a pretty reasonable upgrade over the 8-gun model, it’s worth pointing out that the 16-gun still isn’t waterproof or fireproof, and it’s not quite as rugged as the bigger Stack-On models.

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3.Stack-On SS-16-MB-C 16-Gun Security Safe with Combination Lock, Matte Black

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The Stack-On 16-Gun safe is our roomiest recommendation in the Under $500 category. It has room for a true collection of firearms, and a more secure lock system than the cheaper Stack-Ons. If you have a lot of guns to store on a budget, this is the safe for you.

Unlike the cheaper options, this one meets the CA Dept. Of Justice’s stringent requirements for gun safety. Even if you don’t live in that state, we think it’s worth knowing that your safe meets the grade. It’s extra peace of mind for you, and a sound investment in case more stringent gun control comes into law in your area.

Most of that qualification is down to the improved locking system. It’s much more secure, and much more ruggedly built than the smaller Stack-Ons. This one has 6 locking points, twice as many as the other two. It also uses thick, 1″ bolts to keep things locked down. The hinges also have steel dead bolts built in, which makes them even safer than the piano hinges on the other two models. Like the other two, there’s an anti-drill plate fitted over the lock, to be extra sure that nobody’s breaking in.

This is also the cheapest Stack-On to feature an electronic combination lock. It’s more secure than a key, since nobody can duplicate a key that you don’t use!

This one has a few of the same features as the smaller versions on the inside. It’s got a fully carpeted interior, with rifle butt holders that are molded to keep thing scuff-free and secure. It also has a few different options for shelving, and everything’s included in the package. There are also tray organizers and hooks which aren’t included in the cheaper models.

Overall, we think this is without a doubt the best you can do for less than $500.

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